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About “Skolkovo Foundation”

The Skolkovo Foundation aims to strengthen the links between Russian and international science, technology, education, entrepreneurship and investment communities. The Foundation is charged with overseeing the creation of a new graduate research University the ‘Skolkovo Institute of Technology’, and building a science and technology city near Moscow (Skolkovo City) around that university, forming a vibrant technology innovation and entrepreneurship based eco-system.
The Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in May of 2010, by the Russian Government with a grant of $5bn dollars (USD) to accelerate the transformation of Russia from a resource-based to an innovation-based economy.
Our role also includes attracting and supporting innovation and technology based companies and projects through a combination of grants, tax incentives, subsidized facilities, mentoring, technical and business assistance.

About the Energy Efficiency Cluster

A development organisation within the Skolkovo Foundation, we work with innovators, scientists and international corporations bringing them together in creating an “Eco-system” of innovation and technology entrepreneurship. Our strategic technology priorities include the following;

Material science Energy efficient construction materials – New materials for energy applications

Transportation fuels

and fuel cells

Energy storage and batteries
Power electronics for grid applications

Renewable energy Solar Biomass energy, specifically direct solar fuels and solar to electric Hydro and tidal
Oil extraction and High value add oil and gas processing

Conventional energy

Decentralized power Turbines efficiency
Heat generation, distribution and consumption technologies Heat recovery applications, Central district networks optimization
Generation Small combined cycle gas turbines (CCGTs), small hydrogen and nuclear reactors, CCGTs, new generation gas turbines

«Smart grids» Superconductivity technologies, Electricity concentrators and accumulators, Power electronics, Metering and dispatching technologies

Energy efficiency in housing utilities Materials and technologies providing for reduction of losses in heating grids: insulation, diagnostics methods, increase in resource of pipelines, Innovative insulation materials, high quality foreside materials, New generation energy efficient windows, LED, HID lighting, Energy efficient buildings

Industrial energy efficiency Chemicals and oil chemicals: catalysts (nano and bio), modernization of major production processes, utilization of low-grade heat Oil and gas: energy efficient extraction, associated oil gas utilization, pipe and compressor technologies, utilization of low-grade heat Metals: utilization of low-grade heat, modernization of major processes

Green technologies Sun: thin film technologies, HCPV Car fuels (fuel cells, hydrogen, electric engines) Fuel pellets and biomass (bio coal) Biogas utilization Clean coal: filters, compact CO2 absorbers, biomass CO2 absorbers

About the Information Technology Cluster

A development organization within the Skolkovo Foundation, we work with innovators, scientists and international corporations bringing them together in creating an “Eco-system” of innovation and technology entrepreneurship. Our strategic technology priorities include the following;

New generation of intelligent multimedia search engines Research, development and implementation of new software solutions based on semantic data structure analysis for finding information on the Internet;
Multimedia information search on the Internet by means of web-technologies on all platforms including platforms for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) in perspective wireless networks (e.g. LTE)

Image, video and voice recognition and processing Development and research of new methods and mathematic models for image and computer graphics (2D/3D) processing for new user interfaces, augmented reality, performance improvement and rendering enhancement, 2D/3D-data representation based on standard cross-platform solutions;
Logical design and development of hardware-software solutions for recognition and extraction of semantic information from natural speech and their utilization in a wide scope of new software applications, including mobile devices in perspective wireless networks. Development of applications for Internet search and semantic identification of audio information

New technologies of information transmission and storage Research and development in photonics and optoinformatics, enabling the creation of brand new entirely optical computing devices, data storage and exchange devices as well as hybrid optical components for traditional computers.
Development of high-speed electronic devices for promising wireless networks.
Research and development in the sphere of multiprocessor computing systems and parallel algorithms. Exaflopic computer architecture and mathematical algorithm development

Mobile applications Development and commercialization of cross-platform applications for smartphones and tablet devices enhancing working efficiency and multi-user operation. Creation of cloud platforms for new mobile application development.
Creation of platforms and applications for wireless machine-to-machine communications in 3G/4G-networks. New M2M standards research and development

Web X.0 Research and development in the field of new paradigms of World Wide Web development (semantic web, Web 3.0, etc.) aimed at the development of standards, RDF and OWL describing properties and interrelations of different virtual and real objects;
Creation of the following software products and services (PaaS/SaaS): complicated engineering structures simulation and visualization tools and semantic and pragmatic information repositories for utilization in search engines and computer-aided design (including generative design) and other fields;
Creation of new-generation programming systems: language workbenches. Creation of new programming languages and development of existing language instrumentation maintenance systems

Complicated engineering solutions Development of new methods and algorithms for collection, storage and intellectual analysis of large volumes of computing and natural experiment data, meta-simulation;
Development and implementation of software for multidiscipline optimization based on latest achievements in the optimization theory, predictive simulation and computer technologies for simulation period contraction and enhancement of articles' quality.
Development and implementation of software for simulation lifecycle management and virtual collaborative engineering.
Navigation systems utilizing IT-solutions for provision of a wide spectrum of services based on determination of subscriber’s precise location using navigation satellite systems (GLONASS) as well as alternative systems based on 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and other networks

Financial and banking software Development of products and cloud solutions for banking information systems, including support to federal online payment systems, micropayment networks and payment systems with biometrical identification; Development of software products for mobile payments and mobile commerce in perspective wireless networks using biometric data, NFC technologies and other radio-identification-based standards;
Solutions for increase in efficiency and transparency of financial and banking business processes based on traditional software as well as SaaS model-based;
Development and implementation of hardware-software solutions for banking secrecy protection and execution of federal laws

Analytic software Development of effective algorithms and methods for bulk data analysis for scientific and industrial applications. Development of software applications for business/industrial intelligence segment, provided according to traditional and alternative models (SaaS);
Development of user-friendly innovative tools for complex analytic information representation for various kinds of mobile devices, including tablet computers;
Development of applications for behavior analysis and monitoring in networks of fixed-line telecommunications and mobile service providers for the purpose of load optimization and unauthorized access prevention;
Development of corporate master data management systems for enterprises

IT Security Development of software solutions, applications, services and platforms ensuring information integrity maintenance and unauthorized access protection, personal data theft prevention;
Development of applications for antivirus and malware protection, information system vulnerability detection tools;
Development of applications for mobile devices, ensuring communication secrecy and personal data protection and execution of federal laws.
Development of corporate applications for intellectual property protection, including digital rights management, digital signature management and so forth

Cloud computing Research and development of systems and platforms based on the provision of cloud computing and information services: from providing software as a service to providing IT as a service;
Development of infrastructure and software components for implementation of various cloud computing models: public, private, hybrid, etc.;
Research in the field of information security of cloud computing

Wireless sensor networks Research and development in the field of distributed self-organizing networks, comprised of independent node sets with sensor, analyzer and QoS-enabled router functionality for utilization in industrial, protective and infrastructural facility and structure management in vehicle-to-vehicle communications;
Research and development in the field of new high-performance digital signal processing algorithms in radio networks including software defined wireless communication platforms