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Skolkovo Scientific Conference Program:


May 24, 2011, Tuesday

8:30 — 9:30Registration, morning coffee

9:30 — 9:35Organizers’ opening speech, introduction of key–note speakers

9:35 — 10:15Key-note speakers (IMPERIAL HALL)

  • V.F. Vekselberg, President of the Skolkovo Foundation
  • Zh.I. Alferov, Co–Chairmaon of the Scintific Advisory Council, Noble Prize Laureate
  • E. Occhiello, President of Dow Chemical R&D
  • A. White, Chief Scientist Bell Labs: "Innovating Innovation at Bell Labs"
  • M.E. Oseevsky, Vice-Governor, Chief of St. Petersburg Administration
  • V.N. Vasiliev, Rector of National Research University ITMO

10:1 — 10:30Break

10:30 — 11:30 "Cluster hour": Speakers: E. Dyachenko, А. Turkot, I. Dubinsky, S. Shoubin


  • A. Turkot (Executive Director, IT Cluster): foresight strategy of Cluster IT
  • E. Dyachenko (Director, EET Cluster): foresight strategy of Energy Efficiency Technologies (EET) Cluster
  • I. Dubinsky (Director, EET Cluster), S. Shoubine (Director, IT Cluster) : How to work with Skolkovo: procedures, expectations, contacts

11:30 — 12:00Coffee break (ATRIUM HALL)

12:00 — 13:30Session 1: 3 sections take place simultaneously

Section EET 1: (BAKKARA HALL) Energy storage and batteries

Moderator: E. Dyachenko (Skolkovo foundation, EET Cluster)


  • A. Skundin (Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry RAS): Overview of existing technologies. Opportunities for innovation
  • O. Popel (OIVT RAS): Modern energy storage tecnologies for centralized and autonomous power supply
  • D. Tsypulev (MOESK): Prospects for energy storage development: corporations view
  • E. Antipov (MSU, Chemical faculty): Future of batteries


  • D. Itkis (MSU)
  • D. Bernstain (IBM)
  • M. Rodionov (Elton)
  • A. Katzay (Corporation "Russian seprconductor")

Section IT 1 (IMPERIAL HALL): "New ways to speech and images recognition and processing"

Moderator: S. Andreev (ABBYY)


  • А. Khitrov (Speech Technologies Centre): "Scientific discoveries as a competitive advantage"
  • O.G. Maleev (SPEEREO): Speech recognition systems. Methods of architecture and use
  • E. Kneller (IstraSoft): "Innovative researches in speech recognition and their commercialization"
  • L.M. Mestetsky (RANS): "Medial analysis of the form in image recognition"
  • A.Dagan (TIT Group): "Prospects for the development of speech and voice recognition technology"

Section IT 2 (GOLDEN HALL): "IT security challenges"

Moderator:  I. Ponomarev (DUMA, IT commission)

Speakers: А. Chachava, S. Petrenko, I. Medvedovsky, A. Moldovyan, Y. Shoidin

  • A. Chachava (Leta group): "Cyber crimes and modern ways of fighting"
  • S. Petrenko: "Security and stability of critical IT systems functioning"
  • I. Medvedovsky: "May trends in provision of security of ERP systems and business applications"
  • A. A. Moldovyan (SPIAI of RAS):"Innovative cryptography"
  • Y.Y. Shoidin: (Chair of IT Directors Assotiation) "Current risks and threats to IT and financial assets of companies and organizations"

13:30 — 15:00Lunch (ATRIUM HALL)

15:00 — 16:30Session 2 – 3 sections take place simultaneously:

Section EET 2: (BAKKARA HALL): New technologies for traditional energetics

Moderator: I. Bortnik (Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technologies)


  • V. Anikin (IES): New energy technologies: needs of major power producers
  • M. Tackenberg (Siemens): Waste heat recovery
  • M. Akim (ABB)

Participants: M. Kozlov (RusHydro), A. Volkov (MPI), A. Varaksin (Institute of Phisycal and technological problems in energy, RAS)

Section IT 3 (IMPERIAL HALL): "Future of IT industry"


Moderator: N. Puntikov (Exigen Services)

Speakers: А. Andreev, S. Burkov, N. Shelepin

  • А. Andreev (SoftJoys): "IT in 2020"
  • S. Burkov (Onset Labs): "Internet in 2020: connecting people, places and events"
  • V. Gorodetsky (SPIAI RAS): "Multi agent technologies: new phase of development of IT technologies"
  • N. Shelepin (Micron): "Modern trends in development of technologies and element base for non-volatile memory"

Section IT 4 (GOLDEN HALL): "High-performance computation technologies in oil and gas industry"

Moderator: M. Tokarev (Oil and gas Centre of Lomonosov MSU)

Speakers: М. Sinitsyn, A. Klimovsky, K. Yakubson

  • M. Sinitsyn (Deko-geophysics LLC): Supercomputer technologies efficiency in oil and gas industry
  • A. Klimovsky (RockFlowDynamics LLC): Simulation during field development
  • C. Jakubson (Oil and Gas Problems Institute of RAS): Developments of the Russian Academy of Sciences

16:30 — 19:30Reception and Poster Session (ANFILADE HALL)

May 25, 2011, Wednesday

8:30 — 9:30 – Registration, welcoming coffee break

9:30 — 12:00Open sessions

Open session 1 (IMPERIAL HALL): Strategic cooperation, interaction with corporations

Moderator: O. Sterkhova (McKinsey) / I. Vettel


  • D. Bernstein, Director of Research Development Program in Central and East Europe (IBM Research): Potential areas of collaboration with the Russian Companies and Universities
  • А. Zuzin (CISCO): Networks of the future – where to search for innovations?
  • V. Parmon (RAS Institute of Catalysis): "Problems of innovative cooperation of the Russian science and large industrial enterprises. Stage one in work with the Skolkovo Foundation"
  • M. Akim (АВВ)

Participants: S. Malgin (Microsoft), N. Suetin (Intel),

Open session 2 (IMPERIAL HALL): Innovative venture project financing

Moderator: I. Dubinsky (Skolkovo Foundation, EET cluster)

Participants:S. Gribov (MIT Enterprise Forum), S. Kerber (MC "Leader"), P. Chernyshev (Finnode), A. Turkot (Skolkovo Foundation), E. Kasimova (Bioprocess Foundation), M. Moor (Emerald Partners), М. Ross (Joseph Capital LLC)

Open session 3 (IMPERIAL HALL): Role of the state in R&D support

Moderator: A. Melkonyan (KPMG)


  • Т. Ivanov (General Director, FSE "Russian Energy Agency): State energy efficiency program. VEB support program

Participants: К.А. Soloveichik (Deputy Head of St. Petersburg Economic Development Committee), А. Varaksin (Deputy Director of the Institute for Physical and Technical Problems in Energerics, Russian Academy of Science), A. Gostmelsky (SC RAS and RUSNANO): "Government support of R&D: change of paradigm", Y. Kuznetsov (R&D center of new materials at Ioffe Inst. of Phys. and Tech.): "Goverment support of corporate R&D – practical experience".

12:00 — 12:30 – Coffee break

12:30 — 14:00 – Session 6 – 3 sections take place simultaneously

Section EET4 (BAKKARA HALL): Materials for energy

Moderator: I. Dubinsky (Skolkovo Foundation, EET cluster)


  • A. Nikolaev (Fedaral State Unitary Enterprise "NII Grafit")
  • Y. Trubakov (OJSC "Research Institute of Chemical Technology)
  • V. Lukoyanov (Institute of Physics, RAS)

Participants: A. Avdeev (MSU), S. Salikhov (NITU MISIS), V. Gibson (BP plc.)

Section EET 5 (GOLDEN HALL): Efficient generation, transportation, distribution and use of thermal energy ("smart heat")

Moderator: A. Malytin (Clearlink)


  • V. Anikin (IES)

Participants: V. Granovsky (Danfoss), A. Volkov (MPEI)

Section IT 5 (IMPERIAL HALL): "Photonics, plasmonics, optoinformatics – nanotechnologies for IT"

Moderator: A. Akimov (MCQT) / I. Gabitov (University of Arizona)

Speakers: D. Bimberg, L. Karachinsky, A. Lvovsky

  • D. Bimberg (Institute fuer Festkoerperphysik): "Future trends in data communication"
  • L. Karachinsky: (Connector Optics)"Active optical components for the new generation of high-speed optical interconnects. Present status in Russia"
  • A. Lvovsky (University of Calgary): "Russian Quantum Centre and planned researches (quantum computers, cryptography, optical watch, quantum sensors, etc."

14:00 — 15:30 – Lunch

15:30 — 17:00 – Session #7 – 3 sections take place simultaneously:

Section EET 6 (BAKKARA HALL): Refining oil and gas: increase in the added value in oil and gas products. Synthetic fuel

Moderator: D. Borisova (McKinsey)


  • A. Maksimov (MSIPS, RAS, MSU): Deep processing of hydrocarbon recources: prcesses of the future
  • V. Parmon (RAS Institute of Catalysis): "Syntetic fuels"
  • V. Gibson (BP): "New chemistry – new materials"
  • S. Macchietto (Imperial college)

Section EET 7 (GOLDEN HALL): Renewable sources of energy

Moderator: S. Kiselev (McKinsey)


  • S. Varfolomeev (MSU): "Renewable energy: today's realities, the pace of development"
  • O. Popel (High Temperatures RAS): "Opprtunities in renewable energy – worldwide and specific to Russia"

Participants: V. Rumyancev (Ioffe IPT), V. Kanin (Optiflame), I. Langraf (FSUE "R&D Institute of SET"), V. Petrishev (RusHydro), N. Ekins–Daukes (Imperial College), A. Malutin (Clearlink)

Section IT 6
: "New technologies in data processing, storage, safety and transfer"

Moderator: А. Vishniakov (Scientific and Technical Centre RATEC)

Speakers: L. Libkin, Y. Olshansky, S. Taratuta, P. Lucier

  • P.Lucier, Managing Director, Northern Europe & Russia, RIM: "Mobile technologies and business modernization"
  • L. Libkin (University of Edinburgh): "Data Management 40 Years after the Birth of the Relational Model"
  • S. Taratuta (Digital Design): "Principles of creation of the data storage program system. AvroRAID solutions".
  • Y. Olshansky (Scientific and Technical Center RATEC): Software role in creation of devices of ultimate composition neutron analysis by the example of explosives detection devices

17:00 — 18:30 – Session 8 3 sections take place simultaneously:

Section EET 8 (BAKKARA HALL): "Smart grid", Power electronics for grids

Moderator: E. Dyachenko (Skolkovo foundation, EET Cluster)


  • I. Grekhov (Ioffe Physical Technical Institute)
  • Y. Borovikov (TPU)

Participants: D. Tsypulev (MOESK), V. Barsky (MC "Energy saving")

Section EET 9 (GOLDEN HALL): Technologies of oil and gas production

Moderator: A. Dmitrievsky (Institute of Oil and Gas Academy of Sciences)


  • V. Gibson (BP)
  • M. Silin (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas)
  • S. Negodiaev (MIPT)
  • V. Kucherov (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)

Section IT 7 (IMPERIAL HALL): Skolkovo and Technological Platforms (Information Technologies)

Moderator: А. Shalkovsky (ITMO)

Speakers: P. Sloot, V. Ilyin, Т. Yapparov

  • P. Sloot (University of Amsterdam): "Virtual Labaratories: closing the gap between curiosity driven science and economic innovation"
  • V. Ilyin (RSRC, Kurchatovsky Institute): Supercomputer tecnologies as a wide-spread service in a modernizied economic of Russia
  • Т. Yapparov ("IT company"): "Instruments of industry and higher school cooperation in the sphere of information technologies"

18:30 — 19:00 – Closing – results/conclusions, next steps